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Understanding Psychopharmacology: The Basics and Beyond

•  In these days of Managed Care and Brief Therapy, it is crucial for psychotherapists to understand the appropriate use of psychiatric medications. With properly diagnosed individuals, psychotropic drugs can reduce human suffering and facilitate brief treatment.

•  This workshop covers practical and applied issues regarding psychiatric medication treatment. The focus is on the non-medical therapist as collaborator with psychiatrists or primary care doctors in medical treatment (diagnosis, referral, and follow-up).

•  Specific topics include: basics of pharmacology, biologic basis of mental illnesses, diagnosis and treatment decision-making, classes of medications: effects and side effects. Additional topics cover patient education, how to monitor medication response, compliance issues, discontinuation and relapse prevention and integrating psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy.

•  The workshop focuses on six primary diagnostic groups: depression, anxiety disorders, PTSD, ADHD, bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorders. Special problems addressed briefly include premenstrual dysphoric disorder, depression during pregnancy, postpartum depression, and, seasonal affective disorder.

•  Please Note:

•  An expanded two-day format is also available which includes the treatment of psychotic disorders and psychopharmacology for children.