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Title:     Building Resilience: Keys to well-being even during very difficult times


Seminar description:

Often life is very hard and sometimes tragic. This workshop focuses on concepts and strategies for increasing a sense of meaningfulness and well-being…on a day-in and day-out basis and also during times of significant stress.

Approaches to maintaining well-being are drawn from research on resiliency, adaptive emotional habits, neuroscience of positive emotions, cultural and spiritual traditions for navigating through painful emotional times and strategies from positive psychology.

Included are: ways to overcome maladaptive emotional habits, healthy mood regulation techniques, increasing self-awareness, making life decisions that increase a sense of vitality and meaningfulness, dealing with times of very serious illness or one’s mortality, and approaches that foster optimal brain regulation of mood and cognitive functioning. The talk presents science-based research, but is largely practical and applied with many action strategies for improving the quality of life.