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•  Building Resilience and Enhancing Treatment Outcomes:
–   Keys to well-being even during very difficult times – NEW!
•  Psychopharmacology Update: New Strategies & Controversies
–   A comprehensive graduate-level course
•  The Neurobiology of Anxiety, Depression and Traumatic  Stress – Implications for Therapy
•  Bipolar Spectrum Disorders
•  Post-traumatic Stress Disorder: Practical Treatment Strategies:
•  Integrated Treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder
–  (dialectical, behavioral, psychodynamic, pharmacological treatments).
•  Neuroplasticity: Implications For Psychological Treatment
•  Why am I still depressed?: Diagnosis and treatment of Depression.
•  Mental Health: Aspects of aging.
•  Understanding and Treating Death Anxiety: NEW!  with Tom Nickel, PhD


I have presented approximately 600 one-day workshops since 1995 in 30 states in the United States,and abroad: Canada, Europe, Africa and Russia. Some of the organizations for which I have presented are listed below.

•  American Psychological Association
•  California Psychological Association
•  California School of Professional Psychology
•  Fielding Institute
•  The Wright Institute
•  UC Davis Medical School
•  Prescribing Psychologists Register
•  New Mexico State University
•  US Behavioral Health
•  Kaiser Permanente
•  British Columbia Psychological Association
•  University of St. Petersburg (Russia)
•  Estonia Pedagogical Institute
•  Seminars at Sea
•  Mid-Atlantic Educational Institute
•  American School of Psychology (Honolulu)
•  Maintaining Excellence Conferences (Hawaii)
•  North Coast Mental Health Associates
•  University of Connecticut Master Therapists Series
•  California Department of Corrections
•  New England Educational Institute (Cape Cod Seminars)
•  Professional School of Psychology (San Francisco)
•  Cortext Seminars
•  Professional Psych Seminars
•  CSU Sacramento
•  Kern County Mental Health
•  J&K Seminars (Lancaster, PA)
•  New Mexico Department of Corrections
•  R. Cassidy Seminars
•  The Learning Exchange (Sacramento)
•  Minnesota Association of Social Workers
•  California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists
•  California Association of School Nurses
•  California Association of School Psychologists
•  Atlanta Psychological Association
•  Los Angeles Psychological Association
•  United States Air Force
•  Bridgeway Hospital (Little Rock)
•  Colorado State University
•  Victoria General Hospital: Winnipeg
•  Brightside Health Services (Mass.)
•  Senior Peer Counselors (CA)
•  Institute for Brain Potential
•  Alliant International University
•  Capetown Mental Health and People to People delegation (Capetown South Africa)
•  Cascadia Training
•  U.S. Journal Training
•  Early Diagnostics
•  UC Berkley
•  Jack Hirose and Associates  (Vancouver)
•  Santa Cruz Community Mental Health
•  Medipsy  (Montreal)