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Building Resilience

Workshop Description

     Tough cases, stuck clients, partial recovery. This workshop focuses on a number of neglected issues that can be responsible for treatment failures or inadequate responses along with action-oriented approaches for resolving these issues. Four primary topics are explored:

  • Common underlying factors that often are not identified and account for many cases of poor treatment outcomes: hidden medical conditions (e.g. primary sleep disorders, subtle thyroid disease, etc.) with guidelines for screening and treatments. Note: these problems are very common, can continue for years undiagnosed, and significantly interfere with recovery.
  • High yield complimentary treatments: sleep enhancement (focusing on increasing slow wave/deep sleep). Additional specific approaches that include: high intensity light therapy for depression and anxiety, chronotherapy (that stabilizes the circadian rhythm), the role of exercise and dietary supplements currently being recommended in psychiatric treatment. Techniques for rapid reduction of anxiety and for reducing social withdrawal and apathy
  • Neuroplasticity: targeting changes in brain structures and circuits that underlie emotion regulation and ways to overcome maladaptive habits, improve mood regulation and address chronic characterological issues.

It’s not just about psychopathology: Fostering aliveness and well-being (even during very difficult times): factors that have been discovered in research that are associated with stress resistance, resiliency and creating positive, meaningful experiences